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Los productos del acné de la prueba para prevenir son formación [15 Aug 2008|05:09pm]


Mucha gente cree que el tratar de los soportes de este problema de salud para el uso constante del acné del tratamiento, pero de uno debe también prestar la atención al hecho de que este tipo de productos debe ser utilizado cuando el acné está ya allí. La prevención significa otra cosa. Todos los productos del acné son probables ser referidos cuando usted está intentando ocuparse de acné ya existente; la prevención del acné debe ser mirada como clase de paso adicional y este paso debe ser seguido solamente después que usted ha tenido éxito para librarse de sus espinillas existentes de una manera acertada.

Los defectos anteriores deben ser tomados cuidado de y ser hechos para desaparecer para comenzar el proceso apropiado de la prevención. Así pues, las técnicas de la prevención deben ser utilizadas para librarse de su miedo constante cuando viene a las espinillas; usted puede evitar realmente conseguir este problema de piel eligiendo utilizar estos productos que puedan también trabajar para aclarar su cara de últimos desbloqueos. Por lo tanto, usted necesita aprender que la diferencia entre el tratamiento y prevención y esta diferencia sea probable residir en el tipo elegido del tratamiento facial.

Por ejemplo, para que uno trate su acné de una manera acertada, él no debe lavarse la cara y considerarla como la mejor cosa que él puede hacer. Él tiene que hablar con un profesional, a saber dermatólogo para obtener la prescripción requerida. Todas estas prescripciones son probables contener varios tipos de medicinas que sean probables ser absolutamente provechosas cuando vienen a matar el acné ya existente y formado. Estos productos del acné pueden también prevenir el acné futuro pero la gente debe ser consciente del hecho de que estos productos del acné del tratamiento son probables ser demasiado fuertes para ella en caso de que ése ellos no tenga ningún acné. La irritación innecesaria cuando viene a su piel debe ser evitada porque este tratamiento puede demostrarse para ser absolutamente áspero en el caso de una cara clara.

Está altamente - recomendó despejar una cara afectada con un jabón que es bastante suave pero algunas medidas preventivas deben también ser consideradas. Uno de los mejores productos en este caso es un producto que contiene el ácido 2%salicylic; este producto debe ser utilizado dos veces al día pero solamente después que la cara se ha lavado ya. Este periodo de tiempo, a saber 10 minutos permitirá que la cara se cierre y secar sus poros y menos irritación es probable ser causado a la piel. El peróxido de benzoílo es otro producto que es probable tener grandes resultados; su concentración eficaz es probable despejar la cara entera pero puede ser también gracias absolutamente ásperos al hecho que es duro encontrar un producto que contenga la cantidad mínima supuesta de la sustancia eficaz.

Pero ambos productos del acné no deben ser mezclados juntos y usted tiene que decidir si usted se pega con primer o segundo. Usando ellos ambos deben ser evitados porque puede hacer que su cara llega a ser altamente seca y ser irritados. Varias semanas deben ser consideradas en el caso de cada uno de estos tratamientos y si el acné no aparece durante este periodo de tiempo, del todo el proceso deben ser consideradas como éxito verdadero. Dependiendo de la experiencia y de la preferencia personales, usted tiene que decidir cuáles de estos tratamientos son probables adaptarse a usted mejor pero el peróxido de benzoílo aparece ser más eficaz que su colega.

Sobre el autor: El acné del tratamiento es la mejor opción cuando viene a ocuparse de este problema de piel que sea probable requerir productos especializados del acné

Please,visit this page - Medical Corps The Physicians Of The Army
should a b b in the leg be removed
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Eating disorder bloggers wanted for survey [31 Mar 2008|12:29pm]
I am a current graduate student researching the social history of food-related disorders, inspired, in large part, from my own struggles with anorexia and bulimia.  I'm conducting an anonymous survey of bloggers who blog about eating disorders or eating disorder recovery in partnership with a clinical psychologist for joint research and publication purposes.

I'm hoping our survey generates lots of responses so that our findings are well-rounded, inclusive and convincing.  The only two requirements are that you must have an active blog and that it must address, at least in part, your experiences with an eating disorder.  I'm hoping for responses from people of all ages and genders who are in all stages of recovery and who suffer from a diversity of eating disorders, from anorexia to binge eating disorder to ed-nos to orthorexia. 

If the scope of the study pertains to your own experiences, I invite you to participate by taking it.  More information and a survey link can be found here or http://the-f-word.org/blog/index.php/2008/03/23/eating-disordered-bloggers-wanted-for-survey/

Thank you!

Rachel Richardson
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[27 Feb 2006|02:22am]

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[22 Jan 2006|07:49pm]
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If this isn't allowed, I will delete it.
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[20 Oct 2005|11:09am]

is this community still active?
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[21 Apr 2005|08:43am]

Fat people are healthier than skinny people, says U.S. researchers

I am SO going to White Castle for dinner tonight. =D

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[06 Mar 2005|07:39pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi I'm new to LJ as well as this community. I just wanted to come here because I am totally committed to healthy living. I love to go to the gym and cook healthy foods. I am not into fad diets like Atkins, and I'm horrified by the pro-ana/pro-ed mindset. I think truly healthy people can get excited by life and all its possibilities. I am happy to be here, and look foward to reading more posts!

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n00b. [14 Feb 2005|01:49am]

hey guys,

i'm brianna. i decided i wanted to lose weight so that's why i'm here. i just wanted to say though that i'm kinda weirded out, i typed in 'losing weight' to search for communities to join and literally everything i saw was for anorexia and the non anorexia ones were mostly empty or dead communities. i think that's really sad :C

can anyone reccomend other communities for me that are active, have nice members who dont have anorexia? i dont have anything against anorexics or anything i just dont want to be in an anorexic community b/c i'm not sick like they are, i just wanna lose weight by dieting and exercising.
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[10 Jul 2004|09:58pm]

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New member [04 May 2004|08:53pm]

I just joined, and I'm looking forward to the advice. My name is Joanna. I'm a 25-year-old fiction writer living in Maryland. I am 4'11", 96 lbs, and I'm recovering from a four-year battle with unintentional anorexia. I also have a panic/anxiety disorder. So I may ask a few questions about eating healthy and fighting stress. I am fascinated by all forms of science and psychology, especially natural, alternative treatments. I've only just recently rediscovered myself as a beautiful person, and I am determined to keep that mindset.

(posted to a few other communities)
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[28 Apr 2004|04:55pm]

Hey I'm new!! Hi everyone, I'm amanda, I struggle with a lot of the same issues as most of the members of this community, I came here to find and give support, i always have an open ear to lend, so if you need more support please check out and join my community:

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Welcome to me [06 Mar 2004|09:40pm]
I swear I must read every pro-ana site on lj. I'm not ana but I'm obsessed with her and have been obsessed with being thin since I was about 9 years old. This community seems much more positive emotionally/mentally so I'm here to find some stability. I work out a lot but the amount of food I eat really cancels out the cardio. I'd love to maintain a lifestyle that allows me to be about 10 lbs lighter. Can those goals be congruent? (desire for thin and emotional/physical health?) Everyonse says I'm thin but I feel quite large and flabby.
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Trying to gain weight [19 Jan 2004|02:26am]

[ mood | hungry ]

I was looking through Livejournal, and saw this community and decided to ask for help. First off, I'm not trying to upset anybody, I just can't help it. I'm 6'3", and 160 lbs. I've been this weight for about 7 years now. I'm 23 BTW. I've done everything I can to gain weight, I just haven't found a way that really works. I've done the over eat thing, the under eat to shock followed by the overeat, expensive supplements (just ended up with expensive piss). I work out 2-3 times a week, eat non stop (about 3000 calories a day), and am just getting more and more pissed off when people make the comments, I wish I was as skinny as you... I don't know what to do. I've been doing research on anabolic steroids, but am kind of scared to go that route. I'm going to make an appointment with a doctor, just don't know which type of doctor I need to see.. If anybody has any idea's, warnings, or recommendations, please feel free to provide. If you are thinking I just don't eat enough, an average dinner for me is a 20 ounce prime rib, baked potatoe, green beans or asparagus, along with a soda. 30 minutes later I'm ready for a milkshake, or a couple pieces of cake... I eat plenty, just can't gain the darn weight. Thanks

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[10 Dec 2003|09:59pm]

Unfortunately this community has been pretty dead since October. Lemme introduce myself.

Crossposted to eaters & food_heeaay

Hi. I'm Eva. I live in LA, and I'm a skinny mini. I'm one of those people who can never gain weight. I've been this way all my life. I've always been very underweight. I find it difficult if not impossible to gain weight. I don't like the way I look, I'm uncomfortable in my own body because it's sometimes uncomfortable to sit and difficult to find a position I can sleep in. I'm anemic. Because I'm also a former drug user, rumors are always circulating with my friends that I'm using again or relapsing. I'm not.

I've gone for doctors asking for help and medical advice. They treat me like a joke. A few weeks ago I went to a doctor and asked for her to examine my thyroid. She felt my neck for a half a second and said she felt no swelling in my thyroid area and said she didn't want to run a test because she didn't think it was neccessary. Then she asked me if I force myself to vomit. People who don't know me well sometimes ask if I'm anorexic. For the record, I eat a healthy well rounded diet. I never deny myself food. When I'm hungry I eat. I have never forced myself to vomit.

I don't exercise and I smoke a half a pack a day. Aside from that my health habits are good. I eat three meals a day plus snacks, I avoid fast food and processed food, I eat organic as much as possible, I drink very little alcohol, I don't abuse drugs, I'm not on any prescription medication, and I get enough sleep. I'm not a vegetarian. I cut all the artificial sugar out of my diet about a year ago and in desperation to gain weight I've recenty reintroduced ice cream and flavored coffee creamer.

B.t.w., I'm 30, I'm 5'4 and I weight 100 pounds, up from a recent low of 93.

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist who I'm hoping will be more helpful. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find healthy high cal recipes that will help me pack on the pounds without eating junk food. b.t.w., I can't stand the taste of beer and I've already tried protein shakes to no avail.

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I am on the verge. [30 Oct 2003|09:05pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I have some major stressors going on right now and my coping skills have never been very good. I used to suffer from bulimia and anorexia. I have not purged for months but with the stressors in my life plus I quit smoking, got off antidepressants and found out that I am hypothyroid so over a 3 month period I put on 30 pounds. I have been mortified and have noticed that even though I have not gained anything in a few months I am not losing either.

I am keeping a log of my caloric intake and I also write down how much I am going to the gym.
On average,
I do 30-40 minutes of yoga 4 days a week
I go to the gym 5 days a week and while there, I do 10 minute cardio warm up, on hour of lifting and 25-45 minutes or more cardio.
My caloric intake is about 1800-2000 calories a day.

I know my thyroid medication is not stable yet but I am SO frustrated b/c I have not lost a pound in 4 months. I threw up a little today for the first time in awhile but that is not how I want to get thinner. I want to be fit and healthy.

Part of me wants to relearn how to be bulimic again (I was never very good at it) but what I really want is to see at least SOME progress. I am on the verge of cracking...help.

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?........ [30 Sep 2003|10:01pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Okay I am having a problem and I need some advice.

I eat compulsively. Even when I am not hungry. Even when I have had a meal already, I will still eat more. I am 5'8" and people tell me I'm skinny. I have already made a post in here saying that I have a body-image problem. When I "feel fat" I eat more. I always seem to need to be crunching on something. If there are M&M's in a bag on the table, I can't help but indulge. That goes with cookies, tortilla chips & salsa (or spinach dip or whatever else is there at the time), chex mix/trail mis...these are just a few of the things that I have compulsively eaten in the past few days. I really hate that I feel like I "can't stop". I feel extremely guilty after I do this. I went running today and felt like I ate myself back to wear I felt before I worked out. I would purge but I can't bring myself to do it. I tried "thinking" myself into it but it didn't work. I am scared to try laxatives. I won't become anorexic. I don't want to feel guilty or want to purge or use laxatives. But I don't know what else to do! I've been looking for counseling at my college, but haven't found anything yet.

I used to swim on the Swim Team here at my college but had to quit because of other things that I was doing that I felt were more important. I used to be in a lot better shape when I swam: I was toned, skinnier, built, 6-pack-ish abs. I wish I could have kept swimming but my heart wasn't in it anymore. I have been trying to fit in exercise but it's been really hard to get back into routine. I run occasionally whenever I have time but haven't been able to fit in weight-lifting or abs. I do take an academic Yoga class though, which is GREAT!

If anyone has any advice or suggestions on how to stop compulsively eating, get free counseling, or bring a regular exercise/workout routine back into my life, PLEASE POST A MESSAGE! I appreciate any input anyone has to offer.


p.s. GO CUBS!!!

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Hey there! [30 Sep 2003|11:52am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey! *waves* Im Katie, and I decided to join this place, because, well, heh I want to be healthy! *Since you NEVER would of guessed from the title of this community*

I used to be really healthy, not overly obsessed or anything, but for being 16 I made some pretty damn good choices. Plus I was involved in dance *7 years* and track too, which I loved.

I got really skinny, which freaked me and my fam out, but after track ended I gained *I got down to 95 pounds, and Im 5'2*

And well..I kept on gaining.

Im around 115 now, but Id love to get down to 100-105. Not to mention run a killer 5K in december :) I know it doesnt seem like a lot, but you know how getting back on the wagon can be. Yeeesh...

So.......just thought Id throw this out here, and I hope everyones doing good in their goals!


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First-Timer [14 Sep 2003|02:01pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

I came across this "pro-health" community and decided I would see if I could relate or get advice or something.

So this summer was the first time I have ever really admitted OUT LOUD (b/c you know how sometimes you feel that if you don't say what you are feeling out loud then it's not real) that I felt I had a "problem" with my eating habits and stuff. I have talked to my mom and sister about it but they don't understand. I try to tell them I can't control how I feel but they don't get it. My best friend has a similar problem with her body, but her's is based on the fact that she did gynmastics when she was younger and when she has "boy" issues it causes her to throw up b/c she can't "control" the situation. It's easy to talk to her because we both "understand" our problem. However, we both don't want to get fat so we help eachother stay thin.

I am a junior in college and I am 20 years old. I am a health-nut and have been an athlete all my life. (When I was younger I did basketball, soccer, t-ball, softball, tennis, field hockey, ice skating, gymnastics, swimming, dance, and cheerleading. I don't have very good eye-hand coordination so the only sports that stuck were swimming, dance, and cheerleading. Swimming has been mostly my sport of choice. I did it all through highschool and my first 2 years of college. I am not this year because of other acitivies, interships, and my heart's just not in it this semester.) I constantly drink water, eat whole-wheat bread, romaine lettuce and spinach, vegetables, fruits, nuts, skim milk, OJ, and low-fat everything whenever possible. You may think I sound like an average happy, healthy, fit, college 20-something right? Wrong.

I did not gain the "freshman 15" in college (I lose weight at school b/c the cafeteria food "runs right through you" and I live in dorms so I don't always have access to a kitchen), however it is constantly on my mind. I haven't weighed myself since I have been to school but I'm going to guess I am about 128-130lbs, and I am 5'8" tall. I can't help but always have my weight, my size, and the food I eat on my mind. Everything I do revolves around my body and what I eat. I feel guilty if I eat certain foods (like the cookie dough I just binged on a few minutes ago) like cookies, pizza, wings, ice cream, etc., even though I barely ever eat them because I am so health concious. And if I do eat them I have to bust my ass working out afterwards. People around me tell me I am "skinny as hell". My boyfriend, whom I have been with for over a year and a half, tells me every day out beautiful I am and how he loves my body and that I am perfect.

But I don't feel perfect. Here is what goes on in my mind on a daily basis:
***I feel fat. I feel horribly disgusting. I feel gross. I pull at my chin sometimes because when I sit there I feel like there is a double-chin "growing". When I sit in class, I constantly check my legs to make sure that when I cross them no one can see any celulite. I can't help but think people are always comparing my twin sister and I. We have about 5-10lbs difference in weight, although people say they don't see it. She's about 120-something, I'm like heavy 120's or light 130's. I am more athletic than her so I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I don't care. I still feel like I am fatter than her. She drinks soda, eats chips, puts mayo on her sandwich's, eats fast food and french fries, icecream, sugar-loaded cereals, doughnuts, and candy. I drink water, 100% juices, and skim milk only. I eat loads of fruits and vegetables. I haven't had fast food in over a year. I stopped drinking soda for a new years resolution in 2002. Candy gives me headaches (got one from skittles the other day). Doughnuts, sugar cereals, and mayo or any other spread like that grosses me out. I eat basic 4, or honey nut cheerios sometimes, for breakfast. My only downfall is ice cream, chocolate, and cookies rarely. I am an exercise addict. I feel good when I exercise. I feel good when I sweat. I freak out if, when I walk, my legs touch. I hate my butt. My boyfriend loves it, and my guy friends are always telling him and me how nice it is. My sister says "It's a nice ass...it's a J.Lo ass." I DON'T EVER WANT TO HAVE A J.LO ASS!!!!! When I look in the mirror I freak out if my legs touch when I stand (I am a little bow-legged so there's always a space in between my legs, but not when I am fat).

I hope I am making some sense to whoever is reading this. My body is my constant concern. I don't think there is anything else that is constantly on my mind. The way I look controls my life. As I walk around campus, I think "does he/she think I am fat?". I hate going places with my sister because I think that people look at us and go "Wow, Katis is so much bigger than her sister!" or "Wow, Katie really got fatter this summer!". I hate it when people ask me what the differences are between my sister and I , the first thing that comes to my mind is that I am bigger than her. This summer someone said to me "So you are the bigger twin?" and I was also once called "The butch twin."

I drink at parties occasionally but its usually not that much and not beer. I am worried that when I get married I am going to live up or be the example to the joke "Q: What's the difference between your wife and your girlfriend? A: 40lbs." I am also afraid that when I get pregnant I am going to get soooo fat and that after I will still be fat and won't be able to get the weight off.

I absolutely hate having this control my life. If i could make myself throw up I would but I can't do it. Plus I know how it ruins your teeth and makes your breath smell. And I won't become anorexic because I know that starving yourself makes your body "eat itself" - going for the muscle and the fat lining your organs first. I know that it also slows down your metabolism and then you can't burn fat and calories as fast (and I try to weight lift so my metabolism boosts too).

Since I am obviously not bulemic and will never be anorexic, what's wrong with me? I don't know what the problem is.

I am sorry this is so long, and is "taking up space". But I needed to get some stuff out. Please, anyone with advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

(I can do 6 crunches ! work those muscles)

[17 Jan 2003|06:20pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

I joined this community because i'm having a problem. I have very high metabolism and it's difficult for me to gain weight, but very easy for me to lose it.
Usually I'm at about 115 pounds. Suddenly I'm down to 95. This obviously isn't good.
I'm tired a lot, and at times I feel weak. I know it's from not eating well.
I've been having people tell me how thin I look and that they are worried so that was the reason i joined this. I was wondering if anyone knew of something i could eat a lot of, or a few things, to make me gain some weight, without it being unhealthy. I'm open to any ideas. Please comment and let me know.

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Zinc [07 Dec 2002|05:40am]
I take a ZMA supplement before bed and a multivitamin every morning. Combined it equals 45mg daily of zinc. I have read that there is a danger of toxicity after 50mg. I have only been taking the ZMA for a couple of weeks. I feel more refreshed in the morning and less sore on mornings after workouts. Obviously it could just be psychological but I would like to keep taking the ZMA. Am I in danger of taking too much zinc? If so what could be the negative consequences. Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.
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